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Today, we saw a few, new (to us) kinds of mushrooms. Two mushrooms looked just like eggs sitting on the grass. Some of the mushrooms looked like paper parasols.  Very fragile! One mushroom looked like a slightly burned, misshapen marshmallow. ummmm! It made me hungry for  cooked marshmallows. I will try to get pictures of some of the things we saw. (Now I have the pictures, but I need to figure out how to insert them into this post.)   

Egg shaped mushroom  Parasol mushrooms (not my photo)  Burnt marshmallow mushroom


Today Chris noticed a hollowed out tree, that we haven’t noticed before. We also went down a different street and saw a tree full of white blossoms which were being harvested by honey bees and a couple of bumble bees. 

White blossom tree

White blossom tree

Chris attempted to catch no less than 6 lizards… and caught exactly… zero. Yea, Lizards! It was fun watching him peek around the sides of this big tree while the lizard kept moving around it, just out of his sight. We saw a cute little bird on a fence that looked like a finch with a bright yellow belly. It was very close to us and didn’t seem to be very scared of us. Chris said, “Avoid looking directly into it’s eyes.” …I looked… It flew away. I said, “Too late, I looked. It’s gone.” We were both disappointed. Over by the wash, where we saw the bluebird last week, we saw several hummingbirds which seemed to favor a certain tree and didn’t seem to mind the stink that was coming up out of the wash. I think that whatever was causing the smell, was also drawing insects that the hummingbirds like to eat.  The blooming cactus that we saw last week, now has some dead blooms and some new blooms and some bulges that look like they are going to be fruit. It is exciting to watch it change. I would just like to take a minute to thank our Creator for all of the wonderful and amazing things that he has made. Thank you, dear loving Father, for all that you have created and spoke into being. You have made great wonders that our eyes are blessed to look upon. The intricacies and interdependence of all created things, leave us in awe of your wisdom and your masterful weaving of life. Thanks be to our living God. 

PSALM 148 
  Praise the LORD!                    Praise the LORD from the heavens;           Praise Him in the heights!   Praise Him, all His angels;          Praise Him, all His hosts!   Praise Him, sun and moon;          Praise Him, all you stars of light!   Praise Him, you heavens of heavens,          And you waters above the heavens!              Let them praise the name of the LORD,          For He commanded and they were created.   He also established them forever and ever;          He made a decree which shall not pass away.              Praise the LORD from the earth,          You great sea creatures and all the depths;   Fire and hail, snow and clouds;          Stormy wind, fulfilling His word;  Mountains and all hills;          Fruitful trees and all cedars;   Beasts and all cattle;          Creeping things and flying fowl;   Kings of the earth and all peoples;          Princes and all judges of the earth;   Both young men and maidens;          Old men and children.              Let them praise the name of the LORD,          For His name alone is exalted;           His glory is above the earth and heaven.   And He has exalted the horn of His people,          The praise of all His saints—           Of the children of Israel,           A people near to Him.                     Praise the LORD!   

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