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Ahhhh!  I feel like I can breathe easier! The “school year” is over. Now we have to get through six weeks of summer school. Three weeks for our 14 year old and three weeks for our 16 year old. I woke up at 6:05am this morning and got our 14 year old up. The rest of the kids got to sleep in. I bet that was nice. I won’t be jealous because I am glad that I got a chance to be alone with my  eldest daughter. She is such a sweet and bubbly girl (most of the time). This morning with her was fun. She is excited about going into HIGH SCHOOL. I guess summer school is a good “foot in the door” experience for her to get acquainted with the campus and some of the students and teachers. I feel glad that her big brother will be there to watch over her when school really starts up in September.  He says that he has a few friends that have promised to watch out for her too. What a neat brother he is!  I love to see our kids interacting. They really are friends with each other. I hope that they can maintain their friendships with each other as they grow up.  I know that it is not necessary, but it seems good. 

Summer is a wonderful time for us. It is time to relax together, to work on projects together and to interact with less outside stressors like, homework, performances and report cards. 

Even if we don’t get to go camping or do a lot of beach trips and stuff because of the price of gas, I will enjoy this summer with my kids and Jason. It is a lovely time of rest from school. Ahhhh, Summer Vacation! I just wish I had a hammock.

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