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I saw the new Dolly Parton video for her song, “Better Get to Livin'”. It is quite a kick in the pants. There is no sympathetic compassion for the sad stories and excuses that she calls whining and pining. Her advice is that you better get to living. You need to start forgiving, giving, caring, sharing, trying, smiling, helping, loving and when it seems too hard… fall on your knees and start praying.

This video, at first, was kind of insulting to me, (They start out with a circus barker at a sideshow and she doesn’t have kind words for the sad and crying women in the crowd.) They are portraying women that are miserable from envy, jealousy, and stuff like that, as side show freaks. (You might need to watch the video to see what I am talking about. If you know me at all, you know that I love to give and receive compassion.) check out her video

Then as I listened to Dolly’s words, I realized that she was giving a kindly kick in the pants to someone who was just making excuses and creating their own sad situations. I guess there are times when the kindest thing that a person can do is to cut through the niceties and tell you what you don’t want to hear.

I need to get to living (and cleaning and decluttering and smiling and forgiving too.) Too much time has gone by while I have waited for a “cure for what ails me” and whined about my “lack of skills” in certain areas of homemaking. I guess I have had friends try to give me a kick in the pants, but I must have dodged them.
Sometimes it takes a shocking video to get to me.

I hope that I can take Dolly’s advice and “get to livin'”. I know that some people are sad because of what has happened to them. (I have been there and done that) And some people are sad because of chemical imbalances in their bodies. But there are some sadnesses that come from our own habits being bad for us. Is it time to make new habits and change the way that I am living? I think so.


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