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I am still thinking about getting an ad car. One thing on the positive side is that if we get one of their cars, we could probably get a van with a roof rack. We noticed on our camping trip this summer that our van cannot carry all that we need it to. If we get our own van wrapped, we might make enough money to have a roof rack put on.

One thing, on the negative side of the argument was a discussion that I heard on the radio yesterday. The topic was advertisment. The question was, “How much is too much?” or “Where is it crossing the line?” One of the people said that there was advertising for a T.V. show, on the stripes that separate parking spaces. One guy said that he thinks it is the wrong place to advertise, in the airport, where he is getting searched, because he is just not in the mood at that point.

One guy said that he is opposed to clutter, and a lot of the ads are just cluttering up the streets. That is the one that hit me the most. Do I think that there is an advertisment that I can put on my car, that is worthy of cluttering a beautiful roadway? Is it worth it to me? Is it something that I can be proud of?

Just some things that I am pondering.


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I have been recently considering driving an Ad car. It would be like another part time job. It would pay about the same as my current part time job. But I would be driving this advertisment around full time. I have to consider if this is something that I will regret when my life flashes before my eyes. Will I regret putting subliminal messages into peoples heads? Will I be able to pick and choose which company I am advertising for? Will I be willing to drive this car to weddings and funerals? I guess I have some more to think about. If something seems like it is too good to be true…maybe it has hidden loopholes. I guess it deserves a deeper consideration.

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