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Taking a look inside.

I went to my husband’s weblog (Jason Zahariades) and he had a link to a Lent devotional website called “Journey to the cross”. I clicked on that and then on start devotional, or something like that. Some really nice piano music started playing a soothing melody and the words on the screen started reaching into my heart. Here are some words that I have copied from today’s devotional 2-27-07

Through the season of Lent, we take a look at ourselves; we examine our lives to find those things in us that need to be changed. When we do, we may find ourselves sad at what we discover. But Jesus has told us this is an opportunity for blessing. Open your heart to be blessed today; in your mourning watch for the comfort offered by Jesus.

I needed to hear that! I will probably revisit the site later today when I have more time to pause. My heart has been heavy today because of a relationship with a co-worker that is very strained. I seem to lack the ability in myself to bring restoration to the relationship. I struggle with communicating and with jumping to the wrong conclusions about what people think of me. I feel more than a little suspicious of people at times. I don’t think that I have to be this way. I need to examine my life and find those things which need to be changed and then let Jesus change them. Please, LORD, change me for your good. Help me in my relationships to be trusting and trustworthy. Help me to forgive and be loving, even when I get no response.


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Be there!

It’s February! A month that reminds us to love generously.
Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Today is only the 9th of Feb. but I thought that I should get a head start. Today is also a day that I am home from work. Our youngest son, Chris, is sick. He has a fever and tummy ache. I had a bit of tummy ache last night too, so I feel justified in taking the day off of work. I don’t want to spread those germs to the babies in the nursery, you know.

I like to be able to be with my kids when they are sick. I think that it is a tangible way to show them that I love them. I know that when I was sick as a child, my mom was always there to soothe me and comfort me. I may not be as good as she was with the nurturing part, but I can be there, sometimes. It makes me sad that I cannot be there everytime one of my kids or my husband is sick, but at least I can be there sometimes. I only have to work part time. That is a luxury. I am grateful to be able to be there as much as I am, with my kids and my husband. I feel bad for families that have to be apart so much because of school and work and other busyness.

I substitute at after school daycare occasionally. It blows my mind away when I think of how long these kids go without seeing their parents. Some of the kids tear my heart up because of how emotionally clingy they get to me and some tear my heart out because they don’t seem to care at all about their nearly 11 hour day away from family. I was able to be a stay at home mom for many years and I wish that I had not complained so much about it. It was a joy and a blessing to know that I could be there for my kids whenever they needed me. Some people don’t have that luxury. Some don’t consider it a luxury or a blessing.

I watched the video on Jason’s blog called “Straton’s story”. It is about a pastor in Rwanda who is learning how to love people generously by being there. BEING THERE in the moment with someone is a gift to them. Being there when they are sick, scared, lonely, hopeless, desperate, confused or even happy, is your gift, your compassion, yourself in action. Be there mentally, physically, vocally or silently, prayerfully and generously. Watch the video and see what you think about “being there” as an act of love.

I will try to figure out how to link to Jason’s blog and the video…until then…go back to theofframp.org homepage and click on Jason Zahariades and go to February 8. blog entry. Ai yi yi!!! I need computer classes!!!

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