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Jason posted a very touching and eloquent description of what we have been going through for the past two days, on his blog. http://theofframp.blogs.com/jasonz/2006/11/we_love_you_but.html You can click on the link here to go and read his post and view the video he made early this morning during his coffee time.

Our dear, funny, cute, Siberian hamster, Buttercup, has lived out her allotted days here on earth. We loved her and we think she loved us too, as much as a hamster can love. I checked the HamsterUniversity web site and there is not any advice for grieving a hamster, that I could find… but if you want to know how we grieved our furry friend, you can go to Jason’s blog and read his post. Our eyes are full of tears and our hearts are missing a lovely creature that brought us joy.

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