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I had a pretty hard conversation today with my supervisor. I ended up getting a little emotional. (yes, I am hormonal and yes, I mean A LITTLE emotional… I only dropped about 4 or 5 tears and that was at the end of the conversation. Then I sucked it up and got a few un-tearfilled sentences out before I left.) Later on I really lost it and cried and had an emotional breakdown while I was on the phone with Jason. He was a good listener. I love that guy!

Anyway, my thought for the day is this… Mis-communicating is easy! Communicating well, is hard. Hearing what you already suspected, but didn’t want to hear, stinks like really stinky, stinky stuff. Finding out that the problem is YOU also stinks like really really stinky stuff. But knowing that with God’s help and some determination, I can make a change for the better, that is like finding the cure for stink.

Here’s to finding a cure for STINK. Cheers!!!

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I am still trying to live more deliberately.

I decided to take a parenting class.

I have gotten flyers for this particular class for several years and was never able to go. Somehow, the timing and the price all worked out very well for me this time. The class is called STEP. It stands for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. The parents and teacher get to watch a video scenario and talk about what we would do in the same situation, and then what we should do to be more effective. The goals, as stated in the book are, to raise a child who is happy, healthy, confident, cooperative, responsible, and loving and lovable. To build a strong lifelong relationship with your child and to help your child grow to be a responsible adult.

I am really learning a lot. I am seeing a difference in the way the kids are acting. And most importantly, the anger that I was feeling when the kids did certain things has given way to contemplation of a calm response. This doesn’t always happen. I still blow my top sometimes. But, I see a better way. I feel hopeful that I can be rehabituated to be a much more effective and encouraging parent.

Isn’t it cool how God’s wisdom can reach you through unexpected venues!

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