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Well, here it is December 30th and I am just getting around to blogging again. I came up here to sort out the Mt. Everest of laundry that has been building up in my closet and then I heard the old familiar refrain… “MOM!, He hit me!”

That stopped me mid-sort, and I had to go deal with the problem of sibling anger. Fortunately for them, I had just been reading a book about mommy anger, titled, She’s Gonna Blow!, so, I was in a reasonable frame of mind. (They may remember it otherwise but this is my blog.)

I dug up the facts and told my eldest child to stop being the one who starts the “tapping”. And I instructed my little one that you must never kick anyone in the privates unless your life is in danger.

And then I realized that each child must be told this, as they refuse to take advice that is not given specifically to them, and of course I had to raise my voice a little, since they needed to know how angry I would be if this particular offense occurred again. (Wait a minute, does that sound reasonable? I don’t know! Which is why I went to the Anger seminar that was offered in September and why, when I was in the midst of a major blow up at the beginning of this month and I was shopping off some steam, I saw and bought a book about mommy anger. I just don’t have a handle on how to deal with all the daily stresses.)

So, here we are in December at the cusp of a New Year, in the final age of my Thirties, with endless loads of laundry before me and a limited but loaded number of “MOM-MY!” cries for help in my future. And I must say that I did learn some things about anger at the seminar. I learned that it is more prevalent and disguised than you may think. I learned that it is relatively unneccessary. I learned that Jesus did not need to resort to it very often, and when he did it was righteous anger. (Most of mine feels like righteous anger but it is not.) I have a lot to learn and I will listen to that anger seminar again because it was good and because the speaker delivered the material with truth and humor.
I will also take the time to read my new book, She’s Gonna Blow!, because this is an area of my life that effects many many lovely people and I want to stop being a volcano. God help me.


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