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Rush Rush, Hush!!!!

This has been an interesting week. The kids are back in school. Chris started kindergarten. Yesterday he was so tired that he kind of had a melt down and there was a lot of crying. Fortunately it wasnt me crying this time. I was talking about taking him out of school for this year and putting him in next year. I called the teacher to see if she wanted me to come in and help in class today and she said that it wouldnt be necessary because Chris was doing much better today. Yea!!! He spent many days and weeks last year pestering me to get him into school. And now that he got in it does not meet up with his expectations. “It is HARD to glue.”, he says. “It is HARD to do this work”, he says. “The seat is too HARD!”, he says. Well, well, well. Who knew that kindergarten would be such a harsh reality check? Who knew that I would see my own life expressed in my youngest son.

” God, I want to grow! I want to learn more from you! I want more than I am getting in this Sunday to Sunday religious activity!” and then Whammo!!!! We are thrust into the school of life. No job, no church worship every Sunday morning. More questions than answers. “But this is HARD work God. It is hard to search for answers…why can’t they be spoon fed to me? But it is HARD to wait on your timing God!” There was a lot of crying…that was from me.

But, with the love, support, and encouragement of our community and family (interchangeable words) I am doing much better today. School is good. I have much to learn.

And now back to the Rush, Rush. Christopher’s birthday is tomorrow and I have cupcakes to bake, dinner to make, laundry to finish and a meeting at school tonight. Pray for me.
Love, Debbie


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