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Help me dig up some hope.

Have you seen the movie, ” A Walk In The Clouds”? The main male actor is played by Keanu Reeves (sorry if I spelled that wrong) Anyway…He finds himself pretending to be married to this woman and he goes to live for a while with her at her family’s vineyard. He has never had a family and he becomes more and more attached to her family. The Grandpa sees through his deception but has a growing fondness for him. They develop a bond and the grandpa takes him on a walk to the main grape vine. Grandpa explains that this root is from the family vines from his homeland. All the other vines are clippings from this one strong root. One night tragedy strikes. A fire tears through the whole vineyard. The family fought valiantly to try to save the vines but just ended up singed, tired, dirty, hopelessly discouraged. Then Keanu’s character remembers the main root, The family root. He says come on and they follow him to it…but it too is burned. He looks discouraged for a moment then with a determined look he rips it out of the ground. He wants to know if it is still good on the inside. Is there still life in it? Can it be used to start over and recover what was lost? They cut into the root. Yes, it is only burned on the outside! There is hope! There is a chance for recovery!
What joy! What a wonderful gift to be shown hope where you thought there was none.


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